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Whether you want to reach top speed, or travel miles on the trail, getting more power from your kicks will have you going faster and further with less effort. Kicksleds can reach top speeds of over 9mph. Even at a moderate pace of 5mph, you can travel great distances on your kicksled. The most important factors are footwear and the surface you will be sliding on. Other things to consider are the amount of weight on your sled and kicking technique. Check out these tips and you’ll be passing skiers in no time! Foot Wear and Traction Devices There are...

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Which trails allow kicksledding? From hiking trails to ski trails, the myriad number of winter trail types and rules can be confusing. This guide will help you choose a  trail that is great for kicksledding.

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Minneapolis and Saint Paul are home to some great beginner kicksledding locations. From State Parks, to city regional parks, you don’t have to drive far with your kicksled to find an excellent kicksled trail.

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