How Schools Use Kicksleds

How Nature Schools Use Kicksleds

Kicksledding at School

Students find instant enjoyment and success the first minute they try kicksledding. No bulky equipment, steep learning curves, or frustration. Even three year olds will be able to glide their sleds. Hiking trails with packed snow from foot traffic (even icy trails), a shoveled track on a pond, and even sidewalks with little snowfall allow kicksleds to glide.

No matter the snow conditions, there are so many ways kicksleds can be used for students learning. Cooperation and taking turns comes naturally as friends give each other rides. The kicksled chair is great for outdoor circle time and storytime. And teachers can introduce students to the rich history of Skandinavian kicksledding.

Accessibility Tool

Kicksleds allow access to winter trails for students with special needs. They can be used as a snow stroller to give student access to the trails. Kicksledding provides more stability and balance for users compared to cc skiing and snowshoeing. And kicksleds stabilize kids on icy paths. Also, when pushed by an adult, kicksleds can quickly get a student back to school.Β 

Family Events

Kicksleds are a great family friendly activity at Winter Events and Fundraisers. Kids love showing their parents their kicksledding skills. My daughter loves trying to push her dad! They are a great activity for outdoor winter carnivals and school events.