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Kicksledding is the perfect winter sport to explore with kids. No gear to strap on to little feet; just easy, kicking fun. But, when kicksledding with your little ones, a bit more safety gear is required. Here are our favorite accessories when kicksledding with children. Child Safety Bracket The Child Safety Bracket is a must to keep small kiddos and toddlers safe on the trail. We recommend using it until age 4-5. But if needed, an older child can still use it. The bracket is easy to use. Once installed, it flips up and down. So, when it’s not in...

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Wondering which size ESLA Traditional Kicksled to buy? Check out this ultimate guide to choosing a kicksled size. This article will help you select the ESLA kicksled size that will fit you best!

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Which trails allow kicksledding? From hiking trails to ski trails, the myriad number of winter trail types and rules can be confusing. This guide will help you choose a  trail that is great for kicksledding.

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