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There are lots of exciting changes for the 2022-2023 season! New runner length for Traditional Kicksleds, a new never-before-seen double brake for Traditional Kicksleds and a brand new kicksled called the ESLA Adventure Kicksled. Read on to learn more. Shorter length for T7 and T6 Traditional Kicksleds Pre 2022, Traditional ESLA kicksled models had a steel runner length of 78 inches and now, for the 2022-23 season, they are 71 inches. Why did ESLA change the length? One reason is for easier and less expensive shipping. Getting kicksleds shipped from Finland to the USA is very expensive. And then shipping...

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Brave The Snow carries 3 different types of ESLA kicksleds that are awesome for dog mushing: the Traditional ESLA kicksled, the KickSpark MAX and the ESLA Adventure kicksled. These kicksleds work well with 1-2 dogs.

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Kicksled Accessories, Kicksleds, Mushing -

Read this article to learn which mushing accessories you need to order to get your kicksled dog ready!

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