What is a kicksled?

A kicksled is a chair mounted on two metal runners. The rider stands on the runners, behind the chair, and propels the sled by kicking. The chair can be left empty, carry a passenger or be used to transport gear.

Kicksleds glide best on icy surfaces and packed down snow. This includes snowy trails packed down from foot traffic, lakes, ice-skating rinks, and groomed trails. Kicksleds also glide well on sidewalk and walkways with a small amount of fresh snow. People have even been known to kicksled on residential roadways with thick ice and snow buildup. Sliding runners help the sled glide with 1-2 inches of snow. Wide sliding runners can offer better performance in deeper snow.

Kicksleds can really move! Speeds of up to 9 mph can easily be achieved. They perform well on flat trails or trails with gentle rolling hills.

Is kicksledding addictive?

Yes. Very. We are obsessed. That's why we started this store!

What size should I buy?

Use our size chart to help select a kicksled that will be comfortable for you.

 Size Rider Height/Age
T2 age 2-6
T4 age 6– 5'
T6 5'–5'6''
T7 5'6''–6'
T8 6' 1'' +


Size comes down to personal preference. The height difference between the T6 and T7 is 2.4 inches. The height difference between the T7 and T8 is 2.75in.

Will a kicksled fit in my vehicle?

Getting your kicksled to the trail is key! Luckily, ESLA sleds fold nearly flat That's why we love and stand by these cutting edge designs. Kicksleds can slide into a SUV over the seats. Also, vehicle top racks can be used to secure your kicksled. Measure your space to make sure you'll be able to get your sled to the trail.

How long does it take to get a kicksled assembled after folding it down?

These sleds unfold and go back together in 30 seconds. To reassemble, you pull the handle bars up, push the seat into 2 bolts and tighten 2 knobs with your hands. No tools required.

I can't decide which model to get!

Have a question that you can't find an answer too? Need help deciding? Please email. We are happy to answer ANY question. Expect a prompt reply. Whatever you do, don't go another winter without a kicksled!

What are the size dimensions and weights for kicksleds?

Length 79''
Height 39''
Width 16.5''
lbs 21.1 lb
Length 79''
Height 36.2''
Width 16.5''
lbs 20.5 lb
Length 79''
Height 33.8''
Width 16.5''
lbs 20.1 lb
Length 71''
Height 30''
Width 15.4''
lbs 18.5 lb
Length 63''
Height 25.2''
Width 13''
lbs 15.2 lb