How Nature Centers Use Kicksleds

How Nature Programs Use Kicksleds

Kicksledding the Trails

Adults and kids alike find instant enjoyment and success the first minute they try kicksledding. No bulky equipment, steep learning curves, or frustration. Even three year olds will be able to glide their kicksleds. Hiking trails with packed snow from foot traffic (even icy trails), a shoveled track on a pond, and even sidewalks with a little snowfall allow kicksleds to glide.

Winter Programming

Kicksleds make an accessible addition to winter programs and classes. Kicksleds are a great winter field trip activity for school groups. No matter the snow conditions, there are so many ways kicksleds can be used with students. Cooperation and taking turns comes naturally as friends give each other rides. The kicksled chair is great for outdoor circle time and storytime. And Naturalist can introduce students to the rich history of Skandinavian kicksleds.

Nature centers can even offer kicksled birthday parties, and group rentals. Kicksleds provide a perfect movable chair for groups, birdwatchers or others who want to sit still in the forest.

Attract a New Crowd

Kicksledding is one of a few winter activities you can do with kids. Kids get tired out easily, especially when they have snowsuits, coats layers and gloves. You can barely get anywhere. But with kicksledding, parents can strap a child in and cover some ground. One parent can cover several miles on a sled with two young kids. No more carrying kids back to the car on icy trails when little ones are tired out.  For the average mildly adventurous parent, kicksleds are a game changer. 

For those who long for speed, kicksledding solo is great! The curious adventurer will be excited to try out a new winter sport—some will find a new favorite in kicksledding. 

Snowshoers can transition to kicksledding when trails become packed down and icy. Older adults who need more stability will be attracted to kicksledding. The kicksleds can be walked while holding the handles and there is a chair when you need a break.

Accessibility Tool

Kicksleds allow access to winter trails for students with special needs. They can be used as a snow stroller to give student access to the trails. Kicksledding provides more stability and balance for users compared to cc skiing and snowshoeing. They help stabilize kids on icy paths.

Family Events

Kicksleds are a great family friendly activity at winter events and fundraisers. Kids love showing their parents their kicksledding skills. My daughter loves trying to push her dad!

At Dodge Nature Center in Minnesota, 40 kicksleds are used for their Annual Winter Festival Fundraiser. Children and families kicksled on a large circular track on the pond. This offering is always a hit!

A perk for members and donors.

Offer free or discounted use for members. Open up rental slots early for members.

Better for Nature

Kicksleds do not do well off trail in deep snow. Dead vegetation stops the sled from moving and sleds sink in deep snow. Kicksledding encourages guests to stay on the trail.