Choosing a Traditional Kicksled Size: Find the perfect fit now!

Choosing a Traditional Kicksled Size: Find the perfect fit now!

If you are feeling indecisive on which size ESLA Traditional Kicksled to buy, this article is for you. After finding your height on the size chart, you may find you're between sizes. Should you size up or down? Size really comes down to personal preference. The height difference among kicksled models is less than 3 inches. The height difference between the T6 and T7 is 2.4 inches. The height difference between the T7 and T8 is 2.75in. This isn’t very much, so don’t get too hung up deciding a size if you are between sizes. The truth is, both sizes will work for you.

Here is the size chart for Traditional Kicksleds:

 Size Rider Height/Age
T2 age 2-6
T4 age 6– 5'
T6 or P6 5'–5'6''
T7 or P7 5'6''–6'
T8 6' 1'' +


Questions to consider if you are between kicksled sizes:

Will you be sharing your kicksled with anyone else? 

Consider the height of the other person. If they are much taller or much shorter, in order to accommodate both riders, it might make sense to size up or down if you happen to be between kicksled sizes. 

Not kicksledding with a child? 

If no kids are in the mix, but you want to share your kicksled with a partner who is much shorter or taller, you might consider a KickSpark, KickSpark MAX or the ESLA Adventure Sled (coming soon). These kicksleds have a quick adjust feature that allows height adjustment by quite a bit. The KickSpark accommodates different size riders from 3' 4''– 6'. The KickSpark MAX works for riders 4' 3''– 6'4''. Both kicksparks can be adjusted to kid size too.

Do you plan to use your kicksled with your dog? 

If yes, you may want to choose the larger size. Because the human will be spending more time in the standing position (thanks, doggy) rather than the kicking position, slightly higher handle bars can be more comfortable.

Is the kicksled driver still growing? 

Wow, do kids grow fast. If a child is between kicksled sizes, sizing up might be the best idea. By the end of the season, they can already be an inch or two taller.

Still not sure about which kicksled size? 

No matter the size you choose, you are going to have a blast cruising those lakes and trails! Go with your gut and get out there already! If you have looked over the size chart and are still unsure, email us at After all, talking about kicksledding is our favorite thing to do!

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