Mushing on a Kicksled? Dog Mushing Accessories Explained

Mushing on a Kicksled? Dog Mushing Accessories Explained

Want to get into the sport of mushing with 1-4 dogs? ESLA kicksleds are the way to go. They are light, foldable and sturdy. This article will outline the other accessories you will need to buy to get your kicksled dog ready for running the trails. 

We carry three different types of kicksleds that work for dog mushing with 1-4 dogs: the Traditional ESLA kicksled (and Compact Traditional) the KickSpark MAX and the ESLA Adventure kicksled. For a side by side comparison of these kicksleds –all of which CAN be used for mushing– check out the article ESLA Kicksleds for Dog Mushing

In a nutshell, what else do you need to get your sled dog ready? Based on products we carry, we recommend:

For Traditional ESLA Kicksleds:

Kainpo Running Line

Pull Rope Fasteners

–Brake. ESLA brakes for Traditional Kicksleds are in-production, expected 2022-23.

–A pulling harness for your dog. (We do not stock these)

For KickSpark MAX and ESLA Adventure kicksleds:

Kainpo Running Line

Pull Rope Fasteners

Kainpo Combi Plus Dog Mushing Adapter

ESLA Double Brake for KickSpark MAX and Adventure Sled

–A pulling harness for your dog. (We do not stock these)

Accessory Descriptions:

Running Line (also known as a gangline). This line runs between the dogs harness to the kicksled. Some running lines are made up of several parts and connect to each other. The Kainpo Running lines are all in one. The line has a stretch to it so a bungee section is not needed. These running lines also have a split so they can attach to each side of your kicksled using Pull Rope Fasteners.

If you plan to use a skijoring line or other line you already have that does not have a split, you can attach another section called a bridle. The bridle can either connect to the Pull Rope Fasteners or it can go back further and and connect to the kicksled stanchions. There are DIY tutorials found online to make your own bridle.

Pull Rope Fasteners. These replace the bolts that hold the brush bow on each side of the front of the kicksled. The Pull Rope Fasteners include 2 bolts, 2 nuts and 2 carabiner fasteners. After installation, they become the attachment points to connect the running line/gang line to your kicksled.

Kainpo Combi Plus Dog Mushing Adapter for KickSparks and ESLA Adventure Sled. This adapter holds the running line up, keeping it out of the way of the runners. Less tangles, running over the line and safer for your dog. If you already have an adapter for bikejoring, it might also be compatible with the KickSpark or Adventure Kicksled. The Combi Plus is compatible with most bike for bikejoring for multi-season use.

ESLA Double Brake for KickSpark MAX and Adventure Sled. This is a high quality brake with a great design. Metal teeth dig into the ice on two sides when you push the brake with your foot. The Double Brake is spring loaded and stays out of the way when you need to kick. The design maximizes both speed and safety. 

The Double Brake for the Traditional Kicksleds are in production. Mushers have been waiting for this for a long time. Fingers crossed they are ready for Winter 22-23 season! No more get-in-the-way drag mats, just awesome double braking power.

Pulling harness for your dog. We do not stock these. You might check out Howling Alaska or another online retailer. Make sure to measure your dog to get the best fit. A good fit will ensure maximum comfort and safety for your dogs.

Other items to consider: Dog Booties

With these things, your kicksled will be trail ready. Let the training and fun begin!

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