Kainpo Running Lines for Kicksled Mushing

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1 Dog or 2 Dog Lines

*Kicksled acessories purchased now as a pre-order will ship/ be available for pickup Oct 2022*

High quality, Made in Finland running lines!  The line has a split allowing it to attach to the front corners of the kicksled. They can also be used with the Pull Rope Fasteners on a Traditional Kicksled. These lines also work well with the the Combi Plus Mushing Adapter for KickSparks.

These lines have a stretch reducing the need for a separate bungee segment. Models available for mushing with 1 or 2 dogs. Approved for racing... or just cruising winter trails at your own pace.

Running Line Specs

  • Stretched length is aprox. 9.8ft or 3 meters
  • Made in Finland by Kainpo
  • Does not include Pull Rope Fastener Clips, available separately