Aging out of your winter sport? Want more stability than skis offer? Keep active with kicksledding!

Aging out of your winter sport? Want more stability than skis offer? Keep active with kicksledding!

Many people stay active during winter by cross country skiing. But a time may arrive when nordic skiing seems either too intense, unstable or maybe you just want to try something new. In both sports, you glide on snow and get a great cardio workout, but kicksledding is easier in many ways. Kicksledding naturally allows for going at your own pace, is more stable and has a built in chair. When you age out of a sport, itโ€™s time to find a new one. Kicksledding might be the sport that makes you feel like a kid again!ย 

Go at your own pace

Kicksledding does not require specialized footwear, no boots or bindings, and you are not locked on to the sled. You just wear your regular winter boots. This allows more free movement as you are able to hop on and off the kicksled at any point and switch to walking. This is especially true for hills or anytime you want to take a break. Also, with a kicksled, you are not locked in a set track, you are free to go anywhere on the trail. This makes it a more social sport as you can easily go with a group or friend and ride next to each other. Who doesn't love to chat while they kicksled! You are also free to stop for a break whenever you need without having to worry about a skier wanting to pass.

Typically, kicksleds are not allowed on most ski trails, but they are allowed on hiking and groomed mixed use trails. Nearly every park or reserve has a trail dedicated to mixed use.


Kicksleds are more stable. Holding the handlebars anchors your body which results in less risk of falling. The sled is propelled by kicking with one leg at a time, like a scooter. It is common to switch legs every 5-6 kicks or whatever feels comfortable to you. For extra stability, wide snow runners are available for your kicksled. These runners do an excellent job at making the kicksled even more stable. Kicksleds from Brave The Snow come with standard snow runners included.

Built in chair

The built-in chair on the traditional kicksled adds flexibility and safety to your winter travel. The seat is a great place to store a bag with water, extra layers and even lunch. There is even a basket accessory that attaches to the sled and sits on the seat. It is large enough to carry a coat if you work up a sweat as well as other gear.

The seat is also great for pushing small passengers such as grandchildren. We have even seen people pushing their small dogs. And, of course, the seat is great for resting at a break or eating a snack.

Even though kicksledding has all of these features, it is still a fun and exciting sport. You can feel the wind through your hair, explore snowy winter trails and glide as fast as you want to kick!

We hope this article is the kick you need to stay active all winter with kicksledding! Join our kicksled crew!