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Color: Silver

*Pre-order your KickSpark MAX now for early November 2023 shipping or pick-up in St. Paul, MN.

Here is your chance to fly on the ice and snow packed trails! The ESLA KickSpark Max kicksled was designed for athletes and keen winter enthusiasts. The light aluminum frame is crafted for high speed and performance. With the included snow runners, KickSparks can easily navigate packed snow trails. Dogs love the KickSpark MAX too!

Enjoy maximum function and comfort as both the height AND the angle of the handle bars are adjustable. No matter your height– from 4’ to 6 ‘ 4’’– the KickSpark MAX can adjust to fit you perfectly.

Also, KickSparks can fit in most vehicles. With a few bolts loosened, you can fold the frame down, slip it in, and hit the trail. Includes footrests and free standard snow runners– everything you need to start sparking.

Racers can reach speeds of 25-40km/h when cruising on pure ice with the extra ice runner blades accessory. These blades replace the steel runners. They are suited for touring frozen lakes, plowed ice tracks and ice rinks. 

    • Free standard snow runners for KickSpark included!
    • Foot rests included
    • Color: Matte Black
    • Made in Finland
    • 12.1 lbs
    • Adjustable handle bar height for users height 4'3''– 6'4''
    • 61 inch length steel runners
    • Aluminum frame


Want to get more speed and grip on your ESLA KickSpark?

Try wearing a traction device over your boots! Crampons will dig into ice and snow with every kick. Checkout our HillSound FreeStep6 Crampon Selection. We tested three crampon brands and bring you the best ones for kicksledding!

Want more glide on the ice? Check out the ice blade runners. Great for plowed and groomed ice tracks on frozen lakes. The KickSpark ice blades are also great for touring long distances.


Want to KickSpark with your dog?

Check out the Kainpo Double Brake!

With the double brake, you will maximize speed and safety on your KickSpark kicksled! Brake teeth dig into ice and snow yielding a steady and powerful stop. The spring loaded design keeps the brake out of the way when you are kicking.



We ship kicksleds across the continuous U.S. To Alaska, we only ship kicksled accessories at this time.