Kainpo Combi Plus Dog Mushing Adapter Antenna for Kickspark

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The Kainpo Combi dog mushing adapter antenna helps keep your dog safe and having fun on your mushing adventures!

The adapter antenna is compatible with KickSpark MAX and Kickbikes. It softens abrupt changes in pace and allows you to keep both hands on the kicksled handlebars rather than on the dog leads. The antenna guides the line away from the runners. No more line tangles, just happy dogs.

Can also be attached to your bike for all season use including bikejoring with your dog.

  • Easily adjustable on the trail without tools
  • Easy swivel locks into place – dog can run along side or in front of your kicksled/bike
  • Installed and removed with a 4mm Allen key
  • Designed and made in Finland
  • Fits a bike! Includes two sizes of frame attaching collars, 38mm and 54mm for bike attachment. Multi purpose for bikejoring with your dog