HillSound FreeSteps6 Crampons Ice Micro Spikes for Kicksledding no

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Size: XS

Want to take kicksledding to the next level? Get more power for every kick with HillSound Freesteps6 crampons. They have 21 stainless steel spikes from heel to toe. The .25 inch spikes are long enough to dig into ice and packed snow. But the spikes are not too long– they will still provide ankle and leg stability while standing on your kicksled footrests.

The Freesteps6 crampons very user friendly. The elastomer band has enough give to easily stretch over your favorite kicksledding boots. No struggling out in the elements trying to get your crampons over your boots.

FreeSteps6 Features:

  • Versatile: Great for kicksledding, winter walking, light hiking, ice fishing.
  • Durable: Utilizing heat moulded elastomer, the harness holds tight in the coldest of conditions. Also backed by a 2 year limited warranty!
  • Easy: Simple to slip on and remove, hold securely to all boot types.

FreeSteps6 Specs:

  • Materials

    • Stainless steel spikes
    • Elastomer harness band

  • Weight

    • Size M (pair): 12.17 oz (345 g)

  • Spikes

    • Length: 1/4" (0.7 cm)
    • Number of spikes: 21

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