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Size: T2
Color: Red

Finland’s Favorite Kicksled!


In Scandinavia, several generations have grown up using a traditional kicksled to explore the winter landscape. Now it’s your turn.

The first minute you try kicksledding, you will be having fun. No steep learning curve, no bulky equipment to strap on, no lessons required. Hop on and ride the snow!

ESLA traditional kicksleds provide a speedy, exciting way to experience winter. Glide on snow-packed trails and frozen bodies of water. Explore with a friend, small children or even your dog. An easily accessible winter exercise option for all ages.

Fold Down Design

And, the best part of ESLA’s traditional kicksled design? They fold down for easy transportation, without the need of tools. Pull the handles up, fit the seat in the bolts and hand tighten the wheel nut. Trail ready in a minute. They fit in most cars with a seat folded down, no problem.

Includes Everything You Need

Every Brave the Snow kicksled also includes regular sliding snow runners ($32 value), a pair of footrests ($14 value), and everything you need to start your kicksledding adventure.

Product Details

  • Sustainably sourced birch wood, PEFC certified
  • Made in Finland by ESLA; employees are paid livable wages
  • Color sleds are painted with non-toxic paint
  • High quality galvanized spring steel runners
  • 300lbs weight capacity for the front riding seat
  • 1 year manufacturers warranty
  • Reflector included
  • Steel runner lengths: T4, T6, T7, T8 are 71" long

What Size Do I Need?

The size you need is determined by the height of the person standing that is kicking the kicksled. Youngest to oldest, smallest to tallest, we have a kicksled that will fit you perfectly. Use the chart below to find your kicksled.

Kicksled Size Chart

 Size Kicker Height/Age
T1 age 1-4
T2 age 3-6
T4 age 6–5'
T6 5'–5'7''
T7 5'8''– 6'
T8 6' 1'' +


Still have sizing questions? Check out the article: Choosing A Traditional Kicksled Size

Want more speed and grip on your kicksled?

We highly recommend wearing a traction device like crampons that go over your winter boots. They dig into ice and snow with every kick and will get you going faster. Checkout our HillSound FreeStep6 Crampons. We tested three crampon brands for kicksledding and bring you the best. Learn more about traction devices for kicksledding.


FREE local pick up in Saint Paul, MN. An excuse to visit the Twin Cities!

Shipping to the Lower 48 is $38-$80 depending on address and model. The long length of the Traditional Kicksled result in high shipping fee.

Compact Traditional Kicksleds P6 and P7 can ship for less, around $30-55.

To Alaska, we only ship kicksled accessories.

Have a question? Email or call us! We will respond promptly. Talking about kicksleds is one of our favorite things to do, after actually kicksledding, of course!

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