Rent A Kicksled in Wisconsin: Explore Wi Winter Snow Trails!

Rent A Kicksled in Wisconsin: Explore Wi Winter Snow Trails!

Wondering where to rent a kicksled in Wisconsin? Want to try out this awesome, family friendly sport before you buy your own? You are in luck! Wisconsin has a few places that are currently offering kicksled rentals!

The sport of kicksledding is growing throughout the USA, including Wisconsin. In fact, River Bend Nature in Racine, Wi has just added kicksled rentals for Winter 2021. But, if the locations listed below aren’t convenient, you aren’t out of luck. Oftentimes, pop-up events occur throughout winter at local nature centers and winter festivals. Want to try kicksledding but don’t see a local option? Reach out to your nearest nature center or WI State Park. Your interest could inspire them to offer kicksled rentals in the future.

Trying kicksledding is the first step to falling in love with this fun winter sport! Here are nature centers and parks currently offering winter kicksled rentals in Wisconsin:

Wisconsin Kicksled Rentals

Racine, Wisconsin
River Bend Nature Center 

Check out kicksledding in South Eastern Wisconsin at River Bend Nature Center. Located on the Root River in Racine, several trails will take you through hard and soft wood forests with scenic places to stop and view the river.  River Bend has a fleet of 4 ESLA kicksleds complete with child brackets to safely allow even toddlers a chance to experience kicksledding. They also have crampons available with kicksled rentals which will help you get more power with your kicking.  

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin    
Crossroads at Big Creek Learning Center and Nature Preserve

Located in Sturgeon Bay in Door County, Wi, this 200 acre nature preserve is a great winter destination for kicksledding. And kicksled rentals here are FREE! Two ESLA kicksleds are available for rentals so it’s worth calling to reserve. Check out the groomed, multi-use trails that are open to kicksledding.

Best Time to Rent a Kicksled

Wondering when to rent a kicksled? Weather conditions are critical for gliding trails or ice. Kicksleds do not perform well in deep snow, but they are awesome on packed and icy trails. If there was a huge dump of snow in the past few days, and you plan to kicksled on an ungroomed trail, it's probably best to wait a few more days until hikers pack down the snow. This holds true for the trails at River Bend. But, if the trail is a groomed, multi use trail, like the ones at Big Creek, then your options are wide open, assuming the groomers have had time to maintain the trail.

If you plan to kicksled on a lake or river, make sure it is safe and monitor local conditions.

Good luck with your Wisconsin kicksled rental! If you try it and love it, check out our kicksled selection so you can explore trails on your own. Or learn more about this fun sport!