ESLA Adventure Kicksled

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Color: Black
Type: Full Mushing Package

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The ESLA Adventure Kicksled is loved by dog mushing enthusiasts, ice fishing people and winter trail explorers. It is the next generation of Finnish kicksled design.  With an aluminum frame, kicking with this model is as light, stable and easy as traditional kicksled models, with extra room for all your gear. The nostalgia of traditional kicksledding has been preserved on the gear bed with an accent of Finnish wood. It is light, fast, and pretty. 

Unlike any kicksled model ever seen before, this model has shock absorption in the frame. This levels up uneven terrain, making driving smoother and safer, even at high speeds. The dampers can be locked out without tools, so the sled is still sturdy to kick even when no suspension is needed.

The sled can be folded down to a space-saving size for transport or storage, even with brake and dog equipment installed. It even fits in a ski box. The folding mechanisms works without tools; just loosen the hand-knobs and fold the body down. The sled can also be locked in this position, making lifting and handling easy when the sled is in the folded position.

This sled accommodates people who are 4'– 6' 4'' tall, with an adjustable height, sliding handle bars. 

The standard ESLA Adventure Kicksled model includes Regular Snow Runners.

Kicksledding with a Dog?

Check out the Full Mushing Package which includes everything except a running line. We stock 

1 and 2 dog running lines, available separately. 

Full Mushing Package

Includes the numerous mushing accessories seen in photos:

-Kainpo adapter for mushing
-Pull Rope Fasteners
-Kainpo Double Brake
-Front dog safety hoop
-Glide plate
-Kainpo frame pad

Want to learn more about mushing accessories for kicksledding with your dog? Check out our article: Dog Mushing Accessories Explained

Adventure Kicksled Product Specs:

Length 74''
Height 31''-38''
Weight 22lb
Color Red or Black


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ESLA kicksleds have a one (1) year manufacturer warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty does not cover defects or damage due to wear and tear, rust discoloration or mistreatment of wooden parts.