Ice Runners for KickSpark (Touring Ice Blades)

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Want to fly on the ice with your Kickspark? These runner will have you reaching top speeds! They are light, quiet and glide over ice with little friction. Ice runners replace the standard steel runners. They are made with an aluminum profile and feature strong 1.2mm stainless steel blades. Their rigidness makes it easy to control your KickSpark at high speeds. You will be able to turn and carve on the ice with total control. 

The tour model is designed to perform well in all ice conditions, including wetter ice and slush. They also perform well with a light snow cover on top of ice. Great for kicksledding long distances on rivers, lakes, ice tracks and icy back roads. A must have for your KickSpark if you live near a body of water or an ice trail. Don't miss the chance KickSpark with these made in Finland Ice Runners!

  • Fits KickSpark and KickSpark Max
  • Handmade in Finland
  • Aluminum profile
  • Strong, sharp 1.2mm stainless steel blades
  • Weight: 2kg
  • Bolts included for ice runner installation

Caring for your ice runners

Runner blades are rounded, not sharpened. This improves glide and makes maintenance easy. Scratching will occur if you ride on sand or pebbles. These are commonly embedded in natural ice. If they get scratched, use sand paper to smooth. Start with 100-150 grit sand paper followed by 200-300 grit and lastly an ultrafine 400+ grit. A few strokes with each paper will do.


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