ESLA Double Brake for KickSpark

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Get quick and steady stopping power on your KickSpark MAX or ESLA Adventure Kicksled.

Trying out gentle hills? A brake will help you from picking up too much speed. Using your kicksled with a dog? This is a must have for safe mushing with 1-2 dogs.

The ESLA Double Brake has a set of teeth that dig into ice and snow when you push down with your foot. The Double Brake is spring loaded; it stays up and out of the way while you kick. With this slick design, you will maximize both speed and safety. No more pesky drag mats!

  • Compatible with, KickSpark, KickSpark MAX kicksleds produced after 2012 and ESLA Adventure Kicksled
  • Gives quick stopping power with or without a dog
  • Easy install
  • Spring loaded

If you are looking for a brake for the ESLA Traditional Wood Kicksled, get this brake instead.

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