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Size: P7

The ESLA Compact P6 and P7 are an excellent choice for cruising winter trails when you need to save a little space. All of the same great features of a Traditional Kicksled. And, the Compact Kicksled includes all the accessories you need to hit the trail!

The P6 and P7 ESLA Compact Kicksleds are identical to the T6 and T7 ESLA Traditional Kicksleds, except for the length of the steel runners. The ESLA Traditional Kicksled has runners that are 71 inches long. The T6 and T7 Compact Kicksleds are 54 inches long; this model was created to fit into a smaller vehicles. The shorter runner length does result in slightly less glide. We include the Wide Snow Runners with the compact model to give your glide a boost.Β 

ESLA Compact Kicksleds folds down by hand loosening two knob. Tools are not needed. This makes for easy quick set-up on the trail. When folded down, there is still space in the vehicle to fit in your dogs, kids and gear.

The Compact models are also favored by ice fishing enthusiasts. They include metal hooks and rubber bungee securing straps to hold your gear or an ice auger.

Like the Traditional Kicksleds, the Compact Kicksled can also be used for dog mushing. The kicksled comes with wide 5.6cm Snow Runners ($38 Value). These wider runners will help distribute your body weight and compensate for the shorter runner length.

Compact Kicksleds include these Accessories:

  • – Wide 5.6cm Snow Runners ($38 Value)
  • – Footrests
  • – Metal hooks and rubber bungees
  • – Reflector
  • Size Chart:

    The kicksled size you need is determined by the height of the person kicking the sled. How tall are you?


    Rider Height

    P6 5'– 5'7''
    P7 5'8''– 6'


    Product Information

    • Made in Finland by ESLA
    • High quality galvanized spring steel runners
    • Sustainably sourced birch wood
    • Seat can hold 300 lbs
    • 1 year manufacturers warranty
    • Kicksled steel runner length: 54''

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