Kicksled Snow Runners Regular Width for 2022+ Traditional Kicksleds

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These regular snow runners are 70 inches and fit all new models 2022+ and later Traditional Kicksleds. This runner currently comes with all new Traditional Kicksleds. But if you would like to get an extra pair for you new kicksled, this is the one to get!

Runners help you slide farther on light snow, packed snow and ice. These plastic sliding runners snap on to the steel kicksled runners of ESLA Traditional Kicksleds.

  • 1.4 in wide plastic runners
  • 70 inches long
  • fit most ESLA Traditional Kicksleds made after 2021
  • sold as a pair
  • can be trimmed
  • grey color plastic

Need Extra Snow Runners?

Consider grabbing an extra pair for next season. It is recommended to switch out runners if they become overly scratched or damaged from rocks, roots or sand.

If you do swap out your scratched runners, it is recommended that you keep the scratched runners. You can put on scratched runners for beginning of the season use when there is not a lot of snow base; it is during this time when most scratches occur. We call these "rock runners".

Want to learn more about Snow Runners? Check out this article.

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