What is a kicksled?

What is Kicksledding?

Experience winter with speed and excitement with this relatively unknown Nordic tradition. Looking sort of like a wooden chair attached to skis, a kicksled has metal runners allowing you to glide across packed snow trails and ice. It is powered by kicking with your legs. A kicksled can carry you as fast as you can kick! Also the handy chair allows you to carry a small passenger or gear.

Kids and parents love kicksledding! Kids can ride by sitting on the seat or ride by standing in front of an adult on the runners. The child safety bracket restrains little passengers. With this set-up, you can travel miles into the forest with kids. It is great exercise for the whole family. And another great reason to get outdoors in the winter. Pack some hot cocoa and hit the trails!

Where to Kicksled?

Kicksleds slide best on packed snow and ice. State and local park trails are excellent places! There is no trail too icy for kicksledding. Frozen lakes are great. Flat terrain and gentle rolling hills are super fun. Even city back streets can be used when they are packed with snow and ice. Steep hills should be avoided as kicksleds can really pick up speed. Ice skating rinks are great for small children.

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